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2014年10月14日 星期二

SPD4459 Tuesday - Fa Fa House @ Lamma Island

Fa Fa House 蘭得自在
Fa Fa House is a dessert and coffee house in Lamma Island Yung Shue Wan. They advocate healthy and natural living.  All of their products are handmade and with low sugar. Moreover, some ingredients of their dessert are planted by themselves. 

Here are the dessert that we ordered! Looks yummy!!
We have ordered four desserts. The presentation was so attractive!

Japanese greentea red bean roll ($26/pc) & Pandan leaf jello ($20/cup)
日式綠茶紅豆卷 & 班簡葉蒟蒻
The green tea red bean roll tastes good, the sponge cake is so soft with rich green tea flavour, but I prefer more red bean filling. For the pandan leaf jello, it was made with the pandan leaf that they planted, it was so fresh and not too sweet. So delicious!

Lemon beetroot jello ($20/cup)
This lemon beetroot jello also made with the beetroot that they planted. It was a bit sour with hint of lemon. There were some chopped beetroot inside the jello, so the texture of the beetroot was contrasted with the smooth jello.

Japanese lemon cheesecake ($30/pc)

It was rich in cheese flavour with  hint of lemon. Taste good!!

Latte 鮮奶咖啡
The latte was quite good, but the foam was not smooth enough!

Chimney Cake 匈牙利煙囪餅 ($35/pc)
This traditional Hungarian chimney cake is a must-try item. I never seen this chimney cake in Hong Kong. It is so special!! There are two flovour, cinnamon and cheese. I like the cheese flavour more than cinnamon flavour! Yummy :P

Fa Fa House

Address: G/F, 39 Sha Po Old VillageLamma Island

Written by SPD4459 student Lui Hung Wai, Athena