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2014年9月30日 星期二

SPD4459 Tuesday -- Lamma Island -- Bookworm Cafe


Today is Tuesday! I will introduce a cafe for you guys, which is in Lamma Island. If anyone would to have a relaxing meal, that must be a good place for you to enjoy your day.

Bookworm Cafe
The interior design is just like the name of the restaurant -- Bookworm Cafe.
There are many books inside, and only a few number of tables which can serve for 3 to 4 people for each.There is something special, it is a vegetarianism restaurant. Every meal is made by freshly vegetables and fruit. Moreover,  you can choose the seat inside the cafe or out of restaurant.

今天是星期二! 我會為大家介紹一間位於南丫島的cafe如果你享受輕的一天和美味的食物,這裡會是不錯選擇


Tofu Burger with cheese 豆腐芝士漢堡 $85
The sauce is made by tomato, very match with tofu patty.

Veggie Pizza 素食薄餅 $55
It's made by veggie ham, sundried tomato, pear, artichoke and cheese. It's simple but very delicious.
Green Goddess Lasagne $83
It has many spinach, radish,cabbage and mushroom. A little bit sour but very appetizing.

How can be a cafe without drinks, there are also some special drinks. I am going to introduce....

Dandelion Latte 蒲公英咖啡 $32
Good smell of dandelion!

Fruit Green 地球常綠 $35
Freshly made by banana, orange, almond and spirulina.

Mango Lassi 芒果乳酪 $ 35
Full of mango.

It's a nice cafe for you to enjoy the time with books and the tasty meal, also the beautiful environment.

地址: 南丫島榕樹灣大街79號
Tel: 29824838

Written by Au Ka Lee Cari from  SPD4459
Reference : www.openrice.com

2014年9月29日 星期一

SPD4459 Weekly Theme

Hello, we will start to introduce the delicious food in following weeks and divided different location in everyday. Please pay attention on our post everyday!!!!

Weekly theme (fixed):

Monday ------------------------ Pui O

Tuesday ----------------------- Lamma Island

Wednesday-------------------- Tung Chung

Thursday ---------------------- Cheung Chau

Friday ------------------------- Mui Wo

Saturday ---------------------- Tai O

Sunday ----------------------- Blogger's recommendation

大家好,我地將會係一連幾星期為大家介紹離島區既唔同美食,分別會係星期一至六帶大家去唔同地方分享各地美食,同時係星期日選出Blogger推介, 想食盡離島既你記住每日留意!!!!


星期一 ----------------------- 貝澳

星期二 ----------------------- 南丫島

星期三 ----------------------- 

星期四 ----------------------- 

星期五 ----------------------- 梅窩

星期六 ----------------------- 大澳

星期日 ----------------------- Blogger推介


Edited by student of SPD4459 Poon Kit Yee

2014年9月27日 星期六

SPD4459 Our very very first BLOG... -Introduction-

SPD4459 Hello everyone, Welcome to SPD4459 FoodTea Is·Land :D

We are students from PolyuSpeed. 
As having a project of Internet Marketing and Public Relations (SPD4459),
we will update the most DELICIOUS and "HITEST" food or snacks of Island Districts.
Just keep tracking or following our blog because......................

 !!!!!! WE WANT YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!!

Edited by Student of SPD4459 Wong Ka Man