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2014年10月3日 星期五

SPD4459 Friday - T.G.I.F. --- Bahce Turkish Restaurant @ Mui Wo

Bahce Turkish Restaurant 花園土耳其餐廳

Mui Wo is on the eastern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. There is a beautiful beach for swimming, hills for walk and cycling, and some good restaurants and bars for dine. 

Bahce is a Turkish restaurant. The authentic decorations make the place so comfy to dine by night. It is offering delicious dishes including kebahs and mezes as well as fresh yoghurt used to accompany many Turkish main dishes. 

On Friday's night, the restaurant becomes a stage for live bands to perform some classical and ethnic music. It is great place for music lovers to have dinner there!

梅窩位於香港南丫島東岸。那裹有美麗的海灘、行山徑,還有特式的餐廳和酒吧。Bahce是一間位於南丫島的土耳其餐廳。餐廳內充滿著異國風情,適合晚上相約朋友一起把酒談天。Bache主要提供kebahs和 mezes等的地道土耳其菜式。每個星期五晚上,店內會有現場樂隊表現。喜歡音樂的你不妨去試一下!

Mixed Mezes

Bahce Turkish Restaurant Lantau Mui Wo Shish Kebab - ATmag


Address: Shop 19, G/F, Mui Wo Centre, 3 Ngan Wan Road, Lantau Island
Tel: 2984 0222

Written by SPD4459 student - Lui Hung Wai, Athena


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