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2014年10月4日 星期六

SPD4459 Saturday- Fuk Hing Hong@ Tai O


唔只長洲先有架!!!! 試左辣既都幾好食 少少彈牙,個汁唔錯
大大隻既滷水墨魚 ($38/碗)
食落口唔覺得係食緊墨魚 可能比個汁搶左D味
價錢其實可以平番少少 太細碗



SPD4459 -Saturday- Fuk Hing Hong @ Tai O

Recommend the Super Fish ball ($12/2)
Not only appear in Cheung Chau!!! Tried the spicy one,pretty good, the sauce is NICE!

The Marinated cuttlefish ($38/cup)
You will not think it's cuttlefish when you are trying it, maybe the sauce has totally hidden the taste of cuttlefish. And the price can be a little bit lower since the cup is so small.

And for drinks, they sell several choices which are good to health.

Address: Shop 4D,Wing On Street, Tai O.

Written by SPD4459 Student- Wong Kaman
Reference: www.openrice.com

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