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2014年10月24日 星期五

SPD4459 Friday -- Cafe Paradsiso @ Mui Wo

Cafe Paradiso
Cafe Paradiso is a cozy place in Mui Wo. It is a cafe that offers delicious English breakfast, sandwiches, croissant, pizza, muffin, and coffee. Moreover, it provides in-door and out-door seating. If you like having meal with a beautiful sea view, Cafe Paradiso must a great choice for you! It is also a popular venue for dog owners. 

 Ham and cheese croissant. Looks good!!

Toasted sandwiches. 
The cheese melted inside the sandwich, and the bread looks so crispy! Mouth watering ~

Pamma cheese pizza! Good for cheese lover :P



Chocolate Muffin. Rich in chocolate flavour! 

Address: 大嶼山梅窩銀運路3號梅窩中心地下8號舖

Written by SPD4459 student Lui Hung Wai, Athena

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