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2014年10月19日 星期日

SPD4459 Blogger's Recommendation 週日推介***

BEST of the week!!

Fa Fa House in Lamma Island
We have chosen the Fa Fa House as the BEST of the week! Fa fa House is a dessert and coffee house. The desserts are highly recommended, since some of the ingredients of the dessert are planted by themselves. Besides, all of their products are handmade, natural and with low sugar, very healthy!! The traditional Hungarian chimney cake is also a must-try item!! 
Don't wait! Just go and try ^^


這星期我們選了南丫島的蘭得自在成為我們的週日推介! 蘭得自在是甜品咖啡店,它所有的甜品都是自製的和比較少糖,非常健康! 還有,製作甜品的材料有些是自家種植的,非常特別和新鮮!!
最後,它的匈牙利煙囪餅是必吃的,在香港其他地方很少有機會吃到! 所以大家快點去南丫島的蘭得自在試試^^

Written by SPD4459 student Lui Hung Wai, Athena