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2014年10月5日 星期日

SPD4459 Blogger’s Recommendation 周日推介***

-Sunday- The Weekly Best

We have picked the Bahce Turkish Restaurant of<Friday> as our choice, since the specialty dishes may not appear in everywhere, so when you go to Island district, of course you need to try some new stuff!!!! The most important thing is, there will be a live band show every Friday night, you can enjoy the show with your colleagues and friends, it will be a wonderful night ever :D Go and try!!

次揀既<星期五>既梅窩土耳其餐廳,因為特色菜唔係度度都有,所以難得入離島就梗係試新野啦!!!重點係星期五晚放工入去順道聽下樂隊表演,實在係寫意,有興趣既你,不妨試試做丫 :D

Edited by SPD4459 student Poon Kit Yee

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