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2014年10月10日 星期五



Mui Wo, one of the island in Hong Kong, there are many foreigners living in. Therefore, there are many different restaurant from different countries! 

今次介紹的The Kitchen 係一間意大利餐廳。一間可以讓客人好好享受食物與環境既餐廳 !

We are going to introduce a Italian Restaurant, The Kitchen, which is a restaurant can let you enjoy the tasty dishes with the wonderful view.

***Parma Ham Pizza***
*Highly Recommended*

The Kitchen 選擇用薄批餅以作賣點,食落下好香好脆~
加上Parma Ham、芝士等材料,絕配的組合,係一個好選擇!

The Kitchen uses thin-crusted as a selling point of its pizzas.
And it is a perfect match with Parma Ham and cheese, since it is really fresh and crispy!

Salmon and Cream Sauce Pasta

不過The Kitchen 既意粉都綵用闊條麵,而且白汁亦唔會好"溜",

It is not as usual as the Salmon and Cream Sauce Pasta, the saucing of this is not too creamy, therefore it will not make you think it is too heavy for a meal. 
And also that it is used to use Fettuccine as a normal spaghetti, it may be the preference of real Italian! :D

肉醬意粉 Pasta Bolognese


Unlike the spaghetti bolognese in restaurant tasted in Hong Kong,
it is not a sauce with meat topped on the pasta. 
There is not too much saucing in this pasta, but cheese and fried meat,
that is a big difference with the normal one and much more tasty with the real taste of pasta and bolognese.

除左上面介紹過既主食外,The Kitchen 另一賣點係佢既 Homemade 麵包,每日新鮮出爐。價錢可能對比普通麵包貴,但食完就會知道係物有所值!值得嘗試一下真正意大利麵包既味道!

Apart from the main dishes that introduced, there is one more significant food in The Kitchen, the Homemade Bread. The cook, an Italian, makes the Italian bread, FOCACCIA, POTATO BREAD, etc., every morning. Those are the fresh and authentic Italian bread and really valuable to taste!

Shop 1, G/F, Scenic Crest, 18A Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Lantau Island 
+852 5991 6292
Mon.-Sun. 09:00-00:00

Edited by SPD4459 Mollyim
Reference from openrice.com